01. Option of Creating sub organizations in the main organization.
02. Defining different classes in each sub organization.
03. Provision of defining the fee heads with more than one account on the basis of percentage.
04. Defining of ledgers.
05. Defining of account heads and their details.
06. Mapping of account heads with the ledgers.
07. Provision of defining accounts as Assets or Profit / Loss.
08. Vouchers entries for Banks and Cash i.e Bank vouchers and Cash Vouchers and in it provision for the defining Receipt Type as Cash / Cheque / Bank Interest.
09. Petty Cash Vouchers.
10. Bank reconcilation statements.


01. Ledger Register.
02. Statements.
03. Petty Cash.
04. Balance sheet on the basis of Monthly / Annualy and on the basis of organizatiopn as well.
05. Profit / Loss Statement.
06. Trial Balance.
07. Bank reconcilation.
08. Fee Head account report.