Item Management


01. Creation of Item categories.
02. Creating of Items and mapping of Items with the Categor i.e Category – Uniform and Sub category:- Shirt, Pant etc.
03. Defining the Opening Balance.
04. Printing of the stock report.

Client Details


01. Defining of clients on B2C basis as well as B2B Basis.
02. Report of the clients.

Vendor Details


01. Defining of Vendor Details.
02. Mapping of Items with the Vendors and defining of the purchase price of the items.
03. Printing of the vendor report with respect to the items provided.

Purchase Details


01. Generation of Purchase Order.
02. Receiving of Purchase Order.
03. Generation of Purchase Bill as per the Purchase Receive "G.R.N".
04. Bill Report.

Sale Details


01. Defining of the sale Price for the Purchased Items.
02. Receiving and maintaining the record of the enquiries.
03. Report of the enquiries received on date basis.
04. Creation of the Quotation.
05. Option of creating different versions of the quotation.
06. Report of Quotation made Client wise.
07. Sales Order.
08. Delivery Schedule.
09. Billing.
10. Sale Return.
11. Billing.

Servicing & Dmage


01. Record of the items went out for servicing.
02. Record of the items received after servicing.
03. Report on Servicing Details.


01. Record of the Items Damaged.

Payment Management


01. Mapping with the accounts.
02. Report based on the credit and debit type.
03. Report on Servicing Details.